So the New Year and  January is upon us and 2014 is now in full swing. Time to start thinking about that Summer Holiday you have been working so hard to reward yourself with!

Here at we are selling the main peak weeks very quickly, so you need to act fast to get the dates you may want. 



August is now nearly sold out, we only have the last week in Maison Sans Tourelle left for August. July is also selling quickly in both houses.

Can you holiday out of the main season? This part of South West France offers so much to do, and often it is better to see those places out of the main season, it is much quieter and gives you the chance to explore these areas even more. The weather can be just as good, in fact it often gets too hot during August, so walking the steep cobbled medieval streets of the local Bastides can be easier in June.

Belcastel SW France, Aveyron


As an additional incentive, we are also offering a January Special Deal, where if you book your 2014 summer holiday before the end of January then we are giving you 10% off the total cost of your holiday. Not including dates from July 5th to the end of August.

So what are you waiting for get your holiday booked with us now and start looking forward to your well deserved rest and relaxation in the sun.


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Well here we are in the middle of October already. Can’t believe how quickly the Summer 2013 months came and went. So shall we have a look back and review what a great year it was.? The Winter just did not want to end, it seemed to go one forever, if it wasn’t snow and extreme cold (-15C is cold….) it was just cold and wet all the time. But then Spring did eventually arrive. But to be honest it wasn’t the weather that told us it was Spring, it was the constant growing of the grass and weeds more-so…. Then the wonderful time where the cherry blossom blessed us with its wonderful displays.cherry blossom

Quickly followed by the apple blossom, Spring was still a wet and chilly time, it was more like a British Spring then that of S France. But eventually the weather broke and the real Summer kicked in around the middle of June. July and August was just stunning, day after day after day we had deep blue skies, temperatures constantly in the mid to high 30’s. On many day it went above 40. And sat by the pool where we have a natural sun-trap we had over 50C. Good that we have plenty of places to go in the shade then, and the pool which sat at a very comfortable 34C was more a necessity than a luxury.

The guests arrived, had a wonderful time and left, ready for the next ones to arrive. Before we knew it our main season was over. Here are a few snippets of the comments that many of them left.

“Had a glorious week here, it is so relaxing, the grounds and pool are heavenly. Also lots to see in the area. Janine and Tony were excellent hosts”.  

“We have had a brilliant holiday, had fun exploring the area and relaxing in the house and by the pool”

“When asked if he was having fun, one of the offspring said ” what’s not to like!”..exactly.”

“We had an amazing holiday, lovely house, pool, garden. Great hosts”

“Helpful and considerate hosts, well-equipped and comfortably furnished accommodation. Superb pool and gardens, great location. Highly recommended.”

We have already taken bookings for next year from some of this years guests, which is wonderful for us.

As for us we are now permanently living in the open plan barn. We have a new doggie, he was an abandoned puppy at just 4 weeks old when we got him from the local vets, is growing very quickly and big… Benjy is now 5 months old and running Junior ragged, bless him. They are fighting Janine for the warmest spot in front of the wood-burner, Think they are happy the fire is now workingwhich has now finally been installed and is working a treat. So hopefully our winter will be nice and warm and toasty. 

Our plans now turn to the jobs we need to be doing over the winter months and getting everything ready for a bumper year in 2014. Lets just hope the winter weather is not as severe as it was in 2012/13.



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Hello everyone, just a quick blog this time.
We are pleased to tell you all that we have revamped our website We still have some work to do on it but believe it is now ready to be used so we can start getting some feedback on it.
So if you have a minute or two then take a look and see what you think.

We also have a mailing list that you can subscribe to keep up to date with what is happening here at Le Château De La Rivière. Just see the Contact page and add your email to subscribe.

Hope you are all enjoying the glorious weather both here in France and the UK. Hopefully it is the same wherever you are if not in either.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon.

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Well we have only gone and done it.  We are now living ‘En France’

We started packing the lorry at 10am on Tuesday 11th Dec, and it was finally completed at around 7pm, it was so full that we could not get a lot of the garden stuff in. So all my fruit trees and planters were gratefully received by our lovely neighbours.  The lorry was absolutely full to the brim. So full they struggled to put their own sack trolley back  on it.  We said good-bye to all our worldly goods and started the big clean up of the house. Then the struggle of getting what was left in the Espace. We soon found out that Espace has nothing to do with pots of space, because the car was full before we had started packing it. Poor Junior had a couple of square feet of space, just enough for him to lie down in… He was surrounded by boxes and house plants…

Come 9pm we were just about done and finally closed the door and posted the keys through the letter box. (The estate agent had the master set.) That’s it we no longer had access to our house in Bramley. With a wonderful wave off from our neighbours, we were on our way for an over-night 12 hour drive. Frightened and excited all at the same time and thankfully with Junior settled very quickly, we made our way to the tunnel in the freezing fog which accompanied us all the way through England.

The usual smooth operation that is the Eurotunnel, we were on the train within 30 minutes of arriving at the terminal, and although there was a slight delay with a technical problem on the train, probably due to the extreme cold that night. We were soon popping out at Calais and on our way to Paris.

We arrived at Salles at 10am (French time) after what was a really smooth journey. Junior slept most of the way and was so well-behaved, you would not have thought it was the same dog that didn’t like to travel more than 100 yards in a car. We only stopped once for fuel and gave him a little walk and drink. It was though very very cold. Temperatures varied between -4C in Paris to -12C here in Salles. Thankfully the Renault behaved as well as Junior and did not let us down in any way.

So we arrived and got straight into the Tower House and fired up the heating, put the kettle on and enjoyed a cup of tea. Junior thought all his Xmases had come at once, when he saw the garden….

We had a day to think about what we were going to put where. Our worldly goods would be joining us on Thursday. So just enough time to clear a space in the Barn so we could unload the lorry straight into it. The idea being we have all the time in the world to sort through it and find a good place for it all.

Thursday morning arrived and we called after 10am as we had not heard from them, they had been deployed to an additional drop the drivers had not accounted for, but it did mean they could drop one of the trailers so made it easier for them to get to us, but it did mean they didn’t arrive at us until 7pm. After we fed them we started the big unload, to the annoyance of the new neighbours I’m sure as we did not finish until 11pm, but we did it and then just had the nightmare of sorting through it all starting Friday.

Look what we woke up to.!!!

Barn 2 Barn

Just a few bits that will need sorting and time to find a place for it all!

You would think that as we packed it we would know what was in each box..!!!!

Not a chance we are still looking for some things 10 days on, but thankfully the pile of boxes has gone down quite a bit now.

The first thing we needed to do though was get the Wood Burner out and installed into the fireplace so we can at least get that roaring  fire going and keep us all nice and toasty.

Job's a good'un

Job’s a good’un

Thanks to John we had a day or 2 of wood which gave us time to be brave and order a load for ourselves. 3 steres is cheaper than getting 2 so 3 it was. How much wood is 3 steres? A lot this is how much.

So here we are on Christmas Eve.

It is all feeling very homely and cosy and despite us both having a cold we are so happy and Junior is really settled already. Any regrets? Not a chance. Lets just hope the New Year see’s the Bookings rolling in.

A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Xmas donkeys in Albi.

Xmas donkeys in Albi.

Tony and Janine, and Junior. xxxxxx

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It’s been a while since our last Blog, so thought it would be nice to let you all know what the latest is in our planned move to France.

We are hoping that the Exchange goes ahead on our UK house in the next few weeks and that the target completion date is still on for December 14/15th.

This means we will be able to meet the deadline to make a significant dent in our French mortgage. We do not know when we will be moving out to France for good yet as there are things a-foot with work, that could be beneficial to us staying for a few more months, but we have found somewhere to rent on a weekly basis, so our options are open, which is good news for us.

We will of course keep you informed as things change or progress.

See you soon



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Hello everyone,

We are about to start our own Blog pages for our French Holiday Homes. Better known as  Le Château de la Rivière. or the website is

We will be keeping you up to date with all things French Escapes are doing and will also be telling you all about us and our story of how our adventure is going.

Please feel free to comment or post your own stories to our blog, we are always happy to hear from all our past guests, and hope it will help all our future guests choose to holiday with us.

Best wishes to you all

Janine and Tony.

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