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Location And Getting To Salles, SW France

We are in the heart of the Cerou Valley, in the Tarn Region. For Satellite navigation systems or other references the region code is 81640, the village is called Salles. Please do not use Salles sur Cerou, as this will not come up on any searches. As you arrive in the Village of Salles from the D91, you will drive over the river Cerou on a metal bridge, immediately after crossing this bridge, you will see the Restaurant on your right. To your left is the village square. This is where you can park. Alternatively if you turn right infront of the restaurant it will take you to the side gate of Le Chateau, and you can park on the grounds by the river. The normal entrances used for the houses are the ones leading from this side gate.

Flights and Car Hire : Ryanair or Cheapflights

Ferry or Tunnel: Ferrysavers or Eurotunnel


Getting Here

Getting to Salles is relatively easy. If you are flying then you can fly direct from the UK to either Toulouse or Rodez, where you can then hire a car. If you are driving, then either Ferry or Tunnel are the options. Please use the links below to access information on tickets and flights etc. Directions are given below from Calais, Toulouse and Rodez, these are brief directions only to give an understanding of our location, please use a route planner or navigation system for full directions.

From Calais Leave Calais on the A26-E15 Toll road towards Paris. Join the A1-E15 to Paris. At Paris take the periphique (Paris-Est) following the A6 to Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon, then pick up the A10 to Bordeaux. Take the A71 Toll Road to the A20 Autoroute (toll) signed to Toulouse. Continue on the A20 to junction 59 Take the D117 to caussade, then follow the D926, D5 and D958 to the D19 towrds St Antonin Noble Val. From St Antonin follow signs to Cordes Sur Ciel, on the D600 Then pick up the D91 and finally the D27 to Salles.

Total mileage is approx 585 miles. Total Tolls expected is approx 50 euros.

From Toulouse Airport Pick up the periphique from the D1 sign posted to Albi. Leave the periphique on the A68 toll road towards Albi. Then pick up the N88 to Abli and onwards to Carmaux. In Carmaux pick up the D91 to Monesties, then the D27 to Salles.

Total mileage is approx 72 miles. Total Tolls (correct as 2013) is 1.40 Euros

From Rodez Airport Leave the airport on the N140 towards Rodez. Pick up the N88 to Carmaux. In Carmaux pick up the D91 to Monesties, then the D27 to Salles.

Total mileage is approx 50 miles. Total Tolls no tolls on this route