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ambialetBetween Albi and the Tarn gorges, the river follows a 3-kilometer loop, shaping the valley into an impressive rocky peninsula. Ambialet is nestled there amidst a breathtaking panorama. As early as the Celts until the Counts of Toulouse and throughout the crusade against the Albigeois, this setting has always provided shelter and safe settlements.

A troubled history Celts, Romans and the English in turns settled on this unique piece of land to look for iron. The Albi counts built a fortress, monks a priory and a Romanesque chapel.

A craggy site Because of the steep land, the town got organised at two different levels : Ambialet-le-bas ( the low) and Ambialet-le-haut (the high). On top of the rock,  the lord’s power and the Church. Down by the river, the people at work or on the move : shopkeepers, pilgrims along the mule tracks.

A breathtaking setting From the priory, you get a stunning view towards the Albigeois plateaux and the Segela hills. Lower down, along the paths and the river meanders, you are immersed into nature. Whether you hike, bike ride, horse ride or fish, you will be taken in.