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http://www.chateaudepenne.com The Château de Penne (Rue du Chateau 81140 Penne T: 05 63 55 71 09).Abandoned for over 450 years (torn down in 1596), today the Penne fortress proudly dominates the Gorges de l’Aveyron seated atop its rocky hilltop and defying all laws of Gravity. A jewel of history and Occitan architecture and true masterpiece of medieval military construction drawing hikers and medievalists alike, the fortress inspires visitors with its overwhelming views and stunning panoramas. is a major fortress in the Midi Pyrenees Region and was listed as a historical monument in 1902. Its ancestral building techniques still remain a mystery. In the very heart of the Grésigne forest, the quaint old town set against the rocky outcrop unfolds its maze of streets and alleys. Whether you approach it from the neighbouring limestone hillside or the forest trail, it is a truly unique and fascinating place to explore.

Penne streets

Climbing to the top and the Castle.


Penne Church

In the main village square, before the big climb.


Castle Renovation

Started in 2010 and still ongoing, the castle is being reclaimed and renovated. It is open to the public now.


Penne 2

The castle at Penne sits atop the cliff overlooking the residents below.